The Vison of the Bashan Institute of Science and its mission

The Bashan Institute of Science (BIS) is a non-profit environmental scientific research organization. Its mission is creating novel cutting edge scientific advancement, development of new scientific ideas and concepts for the benefit and advancement of mankind and enhancing quality of life.

The driving force behind its operation is the constant needs of society for better living. This is done through creating new knowledge and new, continuously changing, scientific solutions and new technologies in advanced applied environmental biology.

The main research efforts of BIS are focused on applied environmental science and biotechnology in a liberal and humanistic working environment.

The BIS is committed to a long-term continuous evolvement as a research organization. Its main goal is creating useful, outstanding science and technologies. The BIS is an organization for current scientific needs and for the needs of generations to come.

The BIS is an autonomous organization. It operates mainly with research funds from the private sector and less on governmental grants and private donations. Its surplus funds are invested only in further continuous development of the facilities and research capacities of the organization.

The Bashan Institute of Science is academically affiliated with Auburn University (Alabama) and has collaborations with research institutions and universities worldwide.