The Founder

Prof. Yoav Bashan, Husband & Father
R.I.P (1951-2018)

Prof. Yoav Bashan was born in Haifa, Israel. He received his doctoral degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and had postdoctoral stays at the Weissman Institute in Israel and Ohio State University. For more than three decades, his research areas were environmental microbiology, plant-bacteria interaction in aquatic and terrestrial environments, ecological restoration of disturbed environments, and water bioremediation. He was a leading figure in the Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) field, extending their use from agriculture to environmental applications. 
Prof. Bashan published over 350 scientific papers 80 book chapters and acted as advisor of more than 40 graduate students.
Prof. Bashan founded The Bashan Foundation in 1999 and the Bashan Institute of Science in 2014 together with his wife and full partner in research, Prof. Luz Bashan. Yoav Bashan was also an artist, mainly a painter and a true art enthusiast in all its forms. He even used art to explain complex scientific issues by drawing iconic comic cartoons.

Prof. Yoav Bashan speech at a conference about the benefits of microorganism inoculants for agriculture applications.

Micrope Symposium conference

Inoculant formulations are essential for successful inoculation with plant growth-promoting bacteria
Session 6, Micrope Symposium. Vienna, Nov 23-25. 2015.