Our Team

Prof. Luz Bashan

Director of the Bashan Institute of Science
Prof. Bashan is an Affiliate Associate Professor at the Auburn University AL. specifically in the the College of Agriculture. She also hold the position of an adjoint researcher At CIBNOR (Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste) Mexico.

Co- Funder of The Bashan Institute of science and the Bashan Foundation, Prof. Luz Bashan worked together with our Founder Prof. Yoav Bashan (R.I.P) for decades developing our technologies and publishing scientific innovations in the best in class scientific magazines.

Lines of Research and Special expertise:

  • Plant-bacteria interaction
  • Microalga – Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria interaction. Molecular and metabolic approaches.
  • Microbial synthetic inoculants
  • Microbial-assisted restoration of eroded arid lands

ENG. Noga Bashan

Business Officer
Ms. Noga Bashan is responsible for business development and industrial project development of the Bashan Institute of Science. She received an engineering degree in Environmental Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in 2011, and MBA from The Peres Academic Center in Israel in 2015.

Her graduation thesis work in the Technion was done in the Department of Microbe-Plant Interactions at Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, Germany in 2009. Topic of thesis: The interaction and population dynamics between micro-algae and plant growth-promoting bacteria. She graduated with high honours. In addition, she did engineering research at the North-western Center for Biological Research in Mexico in 2010. Topic of research: Designing a triangular bio-reactor for tertiary wastewater treatment using bacteria and microalgae. During her MBA, she specialized in Marketing Management. Ms. Noga Bashan has vast professional experience in business development from the Israeli industry.

Special achievements:

  • Silver European medal for being the employee of the year in the European consortium
  • Young entrepreneur award in New Delhi by Plant Research Society of India (Vegetos).
  • Chairman of the session “Application technologies” in the IPS International Conference

ENG. Lior Bashan

Chief Engineer
Mr. Lior Bashan is responsible for all engineering aspects and scaling up to industrial capacity for all projects of the Bashan Institute of Science. He received an engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University Israel in 2013 and specialized in Mechanical Design.

His high honours graduation thesis work was done in collaboration with the Israeli Nano Satellite Space Division of the IAI (Israeli Aerospace Industries). His main work was to design, develop and manufacture a working prototype of a ‘Nano satellite’s deployment platform’ for the IAI-Nano Natellite Division space program. Since his graduation and until joining the BIS, Lior worked for eight years in the aerospace industry and gathered a lot of industrial and manufacturing experience under CHROMALLOY Israel followed by TAT-TURBOCHROME as a Senior Project Engineer and Head of the CNC & Fixture Development departments .

Dr. Lina González

Associate Researcher
Dr. Lina Gonzalez is responsible for developing the lab´s research portfolio for new research projects. In addition, she is in charge of writing grant proposals and research papers and coordinating all the academic and administrative aspects of completing research projects.

Dr. González has years of experience both in the private sector and in several research and academic institutions and universities worldwide. Her research interests focus on the use of microalgae for environmental bio-remediation, sustainable agriculture, and the production of metabolites of commercial interest.

Mr. Gustavo González

Administrative Financial Analyst
Mr. Gonzalez is responsible for monitoring and analyzing the financial and budgetary conditions of the institute.
He graduated as Economist from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, with a specialization in Finances.

He has 25 years of experience in financial analysis, treasury management, financial investment management and project evaluation. He worked for banks, trust companies, and retirement funds in Colombia.

Eng. Shay Meshulam

Information Technology
Mr. Shay Meshulam is responsible for all IT aspects of the organization.
He received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in 2003, and had worked for several years as a machine designer in a fortune 500 company.
As a materilization of a old calling, he moved to software several years later and acquired over a decade of experience as a full stack developer.