What we do
What We Do

We develop cutting edge, practical, biotechnological solutions to tackle global food and water shortage and mitigate environmental crisis.

Dry alginate inoculant of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) for the environment

This innovative technology of a dry alginate product protects the bacteria for prolonged periods of time.

The shelf life of this dry alginate formulation is superior, by far, to any existing commercial microbial inoculant.

Restoration 3 stages
Success of long-term restoration of degraded arid soils using native trees inoculated with PGPB
1. Human disturbed, depleted and barren desert field
2. Restoration using PGPB
3. Lasting Results
Bacteria on plant root
The Plant Growth Promoting
Bacteria, Azospirillum, on plant root
Encapsulated formulation for microorganisms for the environment
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