Research lines

  • Molecular microbiology
  • Microbial ecology
  • Microorganism for biotechnological applications
  • Bioremediation of contaminated soils

Selected List of Publications

  • Gonzalez G., Labastida A., Jímenez-Jacinto V., Vega-Alvarado L., Olvera, M., Morett E., & Juárez K. 2016. Global transcriptional start site mapping in Geobacter sulfurreducens during growth with two different electron acceptors. FEMS microbiology letters, 363(17).
  • Gonzalez G., Labastida A., Jimenez V., Vega L., Olvera M., Morett E., Juarez K. 2015. Genes involved in electron transfer mechanism in G. sulfurreducens en: Poggi-Varaldo,H.M. Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering-2014 vol 3. México, D.F. Cinvestav. pags. 1269-1276